Well, not to me, because I'm a huge WordPress nerd. But for you, it's a dull, slightly scary, pain in the ass. Updates, backups, broken forms and worse. BIG FAT NOPE.

Well, I've got some awesome news for you.

You know that friend you always take shopping to help you find the perfect dress? Or that other one you know will definitely have a recipe for the scrummiest, easiest birthday cake? Or that one you can trust to help fix your car without getting ripped off? I’m the one who can save your business when you’re in the middle of a website crisis.

Well Hello There


I'm a WordPress nerd. A home educating, tech-obsessed introvert, who can usually be found within arms length of her MacBook Pro. I'm also a rainbow haired, serial entrepreneur, with a glitter and David Bowie obsession.

My favourite place to be is my home office.

My favourite thing to do is build WordPress websites.

If you're struggling to get your website where you want it to be, you're in the right place. Let me take that worry away and give you the reassurance you're looking for.

I've worked with hundreds of women in business, at all stages of their journey. I'm driven by helping others to change their lives by creating a business from their talents.

Websites Made Easy

You know that having a website is essential to keep those sales coming in, but you find the constant maintenance a pain in the bum. 

You neglect your website until it's broken and out of date, then end up in a panic, spending hours fixing things when you should be working, sometimes having to call in an expensive professional when you really can't afford it!


When you join the Website BFF Squad, I make sure your WordPress websites is kept up to date and running, without boring you with all the technical details (unless you ask!).

I can even make those tiny annoying changes for you, without charging you a fortune. In fact, you'll just have one monthly fee.

And if the worst happens and you have a big scary emergency, I'm around to reassure you and fix it within hours (Did you read my bio? I home educate my kids and I'm pretty much always sat next to my laptop. But don't be sad for me, it's my dream life ???).

With your website maintenance taken care of you can focus on what you do best knowing that the sales and enquiries will keep coming.


How It Works

You'll subscribe to the Website BFF Squad

You'll pay a sign up fee of £299 so I can do one of my awesome Website Once Overs.

With ongoing monthly payments of £99, starting one month after your sign up fee, you can easily cancel anytime via your online account.

I'll add your site to my secure website nursery

After you've paid your sign up fee, I'll send you a tutorial video with instructions on adding me as an Administrator to your website, so I can have access without you needing to share your own password.

Your website will then be securely added to my website 'nursery', where I watch over all the Website BFF Squad sites, as they have fun and play safely everyday (clutching my first aid kit, should anyone get hurt...).

I'll start to take care of your website from day one

When I first get into the site, I'll do my Website Once-Over.

If needed, I'll make certain changes that will instantly improve and enhance your site, without effecting the way it looks or works, and without damaging anything like your search engine results.

30 minutes Support Time per month

Now, 30 minutes might not sound like a lot of time to you, but don't underestimate quite how much of a WordPress nerd I am.

Something that would take you an hour will likely take me a few minutes. You can gather up those little changes, then send me a list and I'll get them done for you. And if there is anything bigger to do? I'll give you a quote at my special BFF hourly rate.

You'll have a set date every month for your work to be carried out, so just send a support request via the form on your account page and before your set date, and I'll get the work done!

Please note: Time doesn't roll over month to month and once your time is used up, no further work will be carried out that month (unless you book in some BFF rate additional hours).

Daily backups

Every day your website will be backed up and kept warm and safe in my special encrypted backup vault.

If there are any issues and we need to roll back to a previous version, I can do so within minutes.

Safe WordPress, theme and Plugin updates

Every week your WordPress core software, your theme and all plugins will be updated, if required.

After every update, I'll check to make sure everything is still working, and if it's not, I'll either fix it or roll back to a previous backup and let you know what's happening, so we can make a decision about how to fix the situation.

If anything is updated automatically due to your web host set up, the same process applies, although I may not spot any issues quite as quickly.

24/7 security and uptime monitoring

Using my snazzy software, I get instant notifications if there are any uptime or security issues with your website.

Because I work from home and home educate my kids, plus I'm not big on social events, networking, yada yada yada, any issues that are flagged up will be attended to as soon as possible. I don't have an office to travel to (or much of a life tbh...).

My usual working hours are 10am - 5pm on Mondays - Fridays but emergency issues are attended to outside of these working hours, where possible.

I always aim to start fixing your website within hours of being notified, and I'll keep you fully informed of what's happening with the site.


SEO Keyword Monitoring

While you're signed up to the Website BFF Squad, you have the option of submitting up to 100 keywords and phrases for monitoring, and as part of your weekly reporting. This also includes competitor analysis of your given keywords.

You can change your keywords anytime, as part of your 30 minutes of support time.

Gorgeous Weekly PDF Report

Every week you get a gorgeous, visual report telling you everything from what updates have been carried out, your SEO rankings, traffic, uptime, performance and sales (if you have eCommerce set up).

It really is an amazing document. You can check out a sample report HERE.



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